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Even in a city where excellence is expected, New York’s Little Elves has built a platinum-standard reputation for fine interior residential and office cleaning, thanks to its unparalleled service and reliability.

For more than three decades, New York’s leading designers, architects, contractors and homeowners have trusted us to make beautiful residential and commercial interiors look their best.

New York’s Little Elves excels in every department—from the quality of our work and personnel to customer service. Our team features dedicated, trained professionals who are meticulous in their approach, from using Q-tips to clean air vents to reaching unseen hardware behind cabinets. Contact us today for a FREE cleaning estimate and find out what New York’s most discriminating clients already know: New York’s Little Elves is in a league of its own.

We had quite a dusty building site. Sheet rock dust had no shame; it covered anything it could cover with gritty grime. Newly installed and grouted tiles seemed a little dull. There was a veil of dust on our lighting fixture. The kitchen shelves yielded a dusty finger to my "inner housewife " (taught by my mother to pass a finger lightly over suspicious dusty surfaces.) Our valuable art had been hung too soon by energetic installers who were trying to please.In came "Little Elves " on silent feet. With meticulous care and attention, New York’s Little Elves managed to remove every speck of dust and grime. Their cleaning agents were environmentally sound. A fragrance of wild flowers filled the aparment. The space glowed quietly as they left. Smiling."Done and dusted," as we say in Ireland.
My favorite miracle workers! There is no better or more heartwarming feeling than the knowledge that every inch of your home or your office, or both, including inside the dark recesses of your closets and every tiny corner of your living room, are cleansed meticulously with pure, non-toxic materials. Little Elves achieves this. These wonderful Little Elves are trained to know the value of art and their results are truly magical!
- Clodagh
In the midst of the most chaotic circumstances - with painters, carpenters, movers and electrician’s all over the house - your team made the townhouse project immaculate and absolutely perfect. And the entire team did so with such beautiful manners, and with such kindness and care, and with never a complaint...
-Howard Slatkin, H.S.S., L.L.C.
The NY Little Elves are a veritable cleaning SWAT team...they arrive clad in surgical booties brandishing mops and window washers...they are extremely thorough, removing radiator covers and overhead pendant lights to attack any lurking dust and dirt with gusto...they will put your dental hygienist to shame!
-Adrienne Neff, Adrienne Neff Design Services
Thank you for your invaluable contributions to our Library in the House & Garden Hamptons Designer Showhouse this summer. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and a great success for us, and we couldn’t have done it without your help.
-Alan Tanksley, Inc.
We love working with New York’s Little Elves. They are fabulous, thorough and efficient.
- David Easton Incorporated
The Elves work their magic by being thoroughly professional, reliable, conscientious, and a cost effective resource.
-Martin Pine & Jerry Leiken Gryphon Construction
It's not that NY Elves is better than their competition; it's that they don't have any. NY Elves is our go to cleaner for high-end construction clean-up. Their reliable, professionally trained staff treats our projects with the highest regard, and their attention to detail is unmatched. The word "spotless" doesn't do them justice.
-Silver Lining Interiors, Inc.
The best part of doing an installation is when the Little Elves come, that’s when a jobsite becomes a home.
-Martin Raffone, Martin Raffone LLC
Five stars ***** to New York's Little Elves. High society’s impeccable home cleaning service. Trustworthy with over ten years of service to my New York elite clientele. I would not consider a job done unless the Little Elves put their finishing touches on my homes. They are perfection personified, for me and my clients.
-Linda London - Linda London Ltd.